Every month we pick a couple of rides to feature in our “Ride of the Month” section on our Monthly Newsletter. If you want to have your Sweet Ride shown on our website with a little about your vehicle and a link to wherever you want(your site or social media page), then just send a couple photos of your vehicle and a little about you to support@uzbasicmotorsports.com.

Here are a couple of vehicles from our upcoming December Newsletter, in the ‘Ride of the Month’ section. They’re looking sweet.

This first one is a 1936 Cummins-Powered real life Hot Wheels Chevy Truck @chadscustomdreams.

1936 Hot Wheels Chevy Truck-Ride of the Month

The second one is the 1951 Ford Truck.

@davekindig and @kindigitdesign.

1951 Ford Truck-Ride of the Month

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Here is the December Newsletter where these Rides are shown, it’s worth looking at.