Hello and good morning, afternoon, evening just depending on wherever you’re at. Everyone at Uzbasic Motorsports is looking forward to 2019 season to begin!! I want to take the opportunity to give everyone a quick update and what we’ve done during the off-season. But the question is were to start, I guess at the beginning.

We put both the car and driver on a diet. We changed out a number of steel parts that carbon fiber,. we where running two batteries. We completely removed one battery. We changed out the remaining battery with a lighter one that weighed 21 lbs. less. We also removed a number of other odds and ends that added overall weight to the car. Total weight removed from the car to date was 135 lbs.

We also changed up the engine program slightly for 2019. We installed Nitrous Oxide a single 200 horse power shot. With the addition 200 horse power we are now at roughly 1275 horse power for the coupe. We also changed the stall converter and transmission to Coan. We are looking for a marked improvement within our program based on all of the changes we made to the drive train. We also changed tires from a 36″ tall fuel tire to a 33.5″ tire. We also adjusted the four-link suspension on the car as well to improve 60′ times. We are targeting 7.50 in the 1/4 mile for this season.

The team is also looking forward to our list of charity and community events we will be involved in for the 2019 calendar year. Please go to our website Uzbasic Motorsports, Facebook or LinkedIn pages for event dates and times. There was a lot more thrashing and work during the off-season but in a nut shell I just wanted to give you all a few key changes we made on the ’37 Chevy Coupe. We are looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you at the track, a charity event or just out in the community. Please don’t hesitate to come over and introduce yourself and say hello to the team!!